Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization


With whom does the government have a contract?

SEAMO’S five member organizations (Queen's University, Kingston General Hospital, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Providence Care and the Clinical Teachers' Association of Queen's University). The SEAMO “Signatories” have entered into a multi-year funding agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Ontario Medical Association. The five entities comprising the "Signatories" must ratify a funding agreement, as well as ratify the internal governance agreement.

How is Alternative Funding at Queen's governed?

These Signatories have created the Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization (SEAMO). SEAMO has a Governing Committee comprising seventeen members including an independent chair.

Members of the Governing Committee include representatives of each of the Signatories, some appointed by a Signatory and others elected by faculty members.

There is a two-tiered governance structure comprising the Governing Committee and a Signatories Committee. The Signatories Committee is empowered to make decisions on matters "of fundamental principle" which may be referred to by any of the Signatories. Decisions of the Signatories Committee require unanimity, with each of the five Signatories having one vote. Matters of fundamental principle include those related to the ability of SEAMO to function, the allocation of resources to departments, and the ability of the members of SEAMO to meet the obligations of the contract with the government.

In eleven years the Signatories have met to consider:
  • the Extension and Amendment to the Agreement, which Signatories later recommended for ratification;
  • a new multiyear Agreement;
  • and amendments to the internal governance agreement.