Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization


What is the organizational structure of SEAMO?

SEAMO has the Signatories Committee and below it a Governing Committee. The Governing Committee has three standing committees: an Executive Committee, a Resources Committee and a Nominating and Governance Development Committee. Other work is performed by sub-committees and ad-hoc task groups.

How is SEAMO managed?

Generally speaking, there has been an integration of faculty and SEAMO management. The Director of the School of Medicine is the Chief Executive Officer of SEAMO. The Chief Financial Officer of the Faculty of Health Sciences is the Chief Financial Officer of SEAMO. SEAMO has an Executive Director and a Medical Director who are responsible for much of the day-to-day administration.

Under the funding Agreement with the government, there are funds specifically earmarked for management of SEAMO. In addition, SEAMO has allocated funds for information management and reporting.