Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization

Executive Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

That the SEAMO Governing Committee shall appoint the SEAMO Executive Committee:

• The SEAMO Executive Committee shall function as the agenda committee and may accept other responsibilities as may be delegated by the SEAMO Governing Committee
• There will be preparation and pre-circulation of agenda
• Once the Executive Committee has been duly constituted, the SEAMO Steering Committee will be terminated and that this will occur as soon as possible.

Appendix: Executive Committee Terms of Reference

SEAMO Governing

Executive Committee

1. Role
The Executive Committee acts as the facilitator for an effective Governing Committee.

2. Principal Functions
The Executive Committee:
2.1 organizes and coordinates the business of the Governing Committee, including the setting of the agenda and reviewing reports and minutes of committees;
2.2 identifies policy issues requiring study and resolution, and refers matters to committees to deal with or to formulate policy for consideration by the Governing Committee;
2.3 conducts specific Governing Committee functions as directed by the Governing Committee;
2.4 recommends policies to the Governing Committee; and
2.5 coordinates the orientation for Governors.

3. Responsibilities
The Executive Committee shall:
3.1 Exercise the full powers of the Governing Committee in all matters of urgency, reporting every action at the next meeting of the Governing Committee.
3.2 Promote the effectiveness and efficiency of the Governing Committee and its committees.

4. Reporting
The Executive Committee reports to the Governing Committee.

5. Membership
The Executive Committee comprises:
5.1 the Chair of the Governing Committee, who shall act as Chairperson,
5.2 a SEAMO Governor selected by CTAQ, with the right of an alternate to be selected from among the SEAMO Governing Committee,
5.3 a SEAMO Governor selected by the Joint Executive Committee, with the right of an alternate to be selected from among the Governing Committee,
5.4 the Chair of the Resources Committee
5.5 the Chair of the Deliverables Committee, and
5.6 the Chief Executive Officer.

6. Term
Members are appointed annually by the Governing Committee.

7. Quorum
Any four members constitute a quorum.

8. Meetings
Meetings shall be held at least nine times per year, or more frequently at the call of the Chair.