Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization




That SEAMO Policy Statement be revised as follows:

1. All information relating to meetings of SEAMO Governing Committee (agenda, minutes, attachments) shall be considered public information.

2. All information relating to in camera meetings of SEAMO Governing Committee shall be considered confidential and only accessible by SEAMO Governors and Signatories.


1. Agendas, minutes and attachments for SEAMO Governing Committee meetings shall be distributed to SEAMO Governors, Dean and Associate Deans of Faculty of Health Sciences, and School of Medicine Department Heads in advance of the meetings. Governors, the Dean, Associate Deans, and Department Heads should bear in mind that such minutes should be clearly marked draft until such time that they have been formally adopted at a subsequent meeting by Governors, and may be subject to amendments and corrections.

2. Requests for SEAMO information can be made either through the Office of the Chief Executive Officer, or the SEAMO office. In the event a dispute exists as to whether specific material should be released, SEAMO Governors shall be asked to rule on such release.

3. SEAMO information shall be made available to SEAMO management at the direction and discretion of the Chief Executive Officer.