Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization

Leave Policy

Central Leave Policy abolished

On the recommendation of the CTAQ Executive and of the SEAMO Resources Committee, the Governing Committee has abolished the leave policy. This was required to clarify the responsibilities of departmental practice plans to establish policies for their members. Despite the existence of the leave policy, individual departmental practice plans were required to establish through collegial and democratic processes their own policies. Some departments felt the SEAMO policy was inappropriate to their situation and brought in differing policies. Thus, the SEAMO policy was redundant, un-enforced, and unenforceable.

In writing to the Resources Committee, CTAQ noted that the environment has changed. The OMA and Ministry have introduced maternity leave for physicians and there is developing province-wide policies that relate to leave.

It was noted by the Governing Committee that it remains the responsibility of individual departmental practice plans to determine the need for and nature of leave policies.