Invest in Clinical Facilities

SEAMO will explore investing in clinical facilities to directly support clinical service delivery in Southeastern Ontario.

Consistent with the health transformation agenda of Ontario, there will be an increasing proportion of academic service delivery moving out of the hospital environment and into a community setting.

This may provide SEAMO with an opportunity to become involved in clinical facilities. SEAMO will establish a task force to direct the development of an environmental scan and feasibility study.

A report will be drafted and tabled with the Governing Committee and other relevant stakeholders.

Activity Implementation Responsible Time Cost Target

Conduct environmental scan and feasibility study

  • Establish a task force
  • Investigate satellite clinics across Canada and internationally
  • Identify opportunities in which SEAMO could be involve
  • dConduct risk analysis
Task Force Year 1-3 $100K Consulting fees Report tabled

Assess and prioritize options

  • Perform SWOT analysis
  • Draft options paper
Task Force Year 1-3   Options paper tabled