The International “Break the Rules for Better Care” Week ran this year from Feb 13-17. This is an initiative run in 20+ countries annually, coordinated by the Institute for Health Care Improvement, and it is a time to ask staff a somewhat offbeat question: “If you could break any rule in the service of a better experience for patients or your co-workers, what would it be, and why?”

Here are a few things the Physician Wellness Advisory Committee is working on.

Department of Emergency Medicine's Dr. Louise Rang introduces the "breaking the rules for better care" program being encouraged for physicians in the Emergency Department this month.

The IT Departments at all hospitals are listening to our feedback and working to address tech issues.

With the school year starting, what are you listening to, watching and reading to keep up with your mental wellness?

Read a message from Physician Wellness Lead Dr. Melanie Jaeger

Lifestyle Medicine is the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic intervention-including a whole food plant-based eating pattern, regular physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, and positive social connection-as a primary modality, delivered by clinicians trained and certified in this specialty, to prevent, treat, and often reverse chronic disease.

Having a conceptual model for Physician Wellness is important to illustrate and communicate the organization’s overarching vision, as well as to focus strategies for addressing wellbeing. There are many models used successfully in various organizations, and after discussion, the Physician Wellness Advisory Committee agreed to adopt the Stanford Model of Professional FulfillmentTM as it best reflects our vision for wellness.

Watch a video of appreciation for the KHSC Critical Care Program.

The Department of Family Medicine has embarked on a new initiative to promote resiliency by supporting our faculty to pursue executive coaching.