SEAMO is guided by a 16-member Governing Committee that is led by an independent Chair. Six standing committees and two sub-committees, as well as several advisory committees, aid the Governing Committee in the fulfilment of its duties.

SEAMO Committees Map

Seamo Committees Map

The SEAMO Governing Committee establishes policies to enable the delivery of clinical service, health education and research under the Alternate Funding Plan (AFP) agreement.

The Audit Committee assists the Governing Committee in oversight of the financial reporting process to ensure transparency and integrity of financial reports, the effectiveness of SEAMO’s risk management environment and the independent audit process.

The Accountability Committee oversees departmental accountability in the clinical, research and education domains and advises the Governing Committee regarding strategic metrics and departmental indicators.

The Executive Committee acts as a facilitator for an effective Governing Committee and conducts specific functions as directed.

The NGDC advises the Governing Committee with respect to standing committee and task group appointments and is responsible for overseeing board education.

The Resources Committee advises the Governing Committee with respect to the allocation of resources in accordance with policies adopted by SEAMO. It also advises on the drafting of policies related to the finances of SEAMO.

The SPRC advises the Governing Committee on the development of priorities that align with, and support, the strategic plans and operational objectives of its partners. It is also responsible for the establishment and implementation of a centre-wide physician staffing and recruitment plan.