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Framework for Physician Wellness

Having a conceptual model for Physician Wellness is important to illustrate and communicate the organization’s overarching vision, as well as to focus strategies for addressing well-being. There are many models used successfully in various organizations, and after discussion, the Physician Wellness Advisory Committee agreed to adopt the Stanford Model of Professional FulfillmentTM as it best reflects our vision for wellness.  

The Stanford Model of Professional FulfillmentTM is a framework illustrating how well-being and professional fulfillment are driven not only by individual Personal Resilience but also through an organization's dedication to fostering a Culture of Wellness and Efficiency of Practice.  

It emphasizes the shared responsibility by representing those of the organization in red (provision of a culture of wellness and ensuring efficiency of practice), and the individual’s in blue (personal resilience). The arrows represent the interdependence, or the reciprocity, as strength in one area will improve the other areas, yet all three domains are important to achieve wellness. Using this framework, our committee can work on identifying and addressing factors and work processes within each dimension that are affecting the wellness of physicians.


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