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Export completed eConsult cases to your EMR 

A new update from Ontario Health to the OTNhub allows clinicians with access to Health Report Manager (HRM®) to export completed eConsult case details to their OntarioMD-certified EMR. Clinicians can include the eConsult case details report in the patent chart and use their existing EMR workflow to manage reports. 

Why use this integration? 

  • It saves clinicians' time 
  • Reduces administrative burden – reports can be automatically sent to the EMR once the eConsult case is marked as completed in the OTNhub 
  • Increases patient safety as completed PDF reports no longer need to be downloaded or sent to administrative staff to be added to the EMR 
  • Clinicians will receive a single completed PDF report in their patient chart 

How does this functionality work? 

  • eConsult cases are submitted to the OTNhub using your existing workflow 
  • Clinicians (or delegates) will continue to receive email notification, once a specialist response has been received for their eConsult case 
  • Clinicians (or delegates) review the response on the OTNhub and complete the case once the case is fully resolved 
  • Clinicians (or delegates) either manually or automatically export the completed eConsult Case details to their HRM®-enabled EMR 
  • Learn more about each method in the FAQ section below 
  • Reports are sent to the EMR in PDF format 

Note: Cases must include a patient OHIP # to be eligible to be sent through HRM® 

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What is eConsult?
  • eConsult is a secure, online tool that allows physicians and nurse practitioners to send patient-specific, clinical questions to specialist, and receive advise for treatment in seven days or less
  • It often eliminates the need for a face-to-face visit with a specialist
  • Visit eConsult Ontario or SEAMO Digital Health to learn more
What is HRM®?

HRM® is a digital health solution that enables clinicians that are using an OntarioMD-certified EMR to securely receive patient reports electronically from participating hospitals and specialty clinics.

How does a clinician register for HRM®?

Registration for HRM® is completed with an OMD Practice Advisor – email to connect with an OMD Practice Advisor.

What is needed to use this integration?
  • An active OTNhub account 
  • An OntarioMD-certified EMR 
  • Clinicians using these EMRs and who already have HRM® set up will be able to use this enhanced feature 
  • Clinician must be active on HRM® 
  • This feature is not available for Champlain BASE eConsult users 
Which export method should be used?
  • Automatic Push: 
    • HRM® will push one eConsult case notification and PDF report to the clinicians EMR for each eConsult case that is complete on the OTNhub 
      • Clinicians (or delegates) must complete the eConsult case and survey before HRM® will push the report 
    • Best Practice: Clinicians who work out of single practice with HRM® would benefit from automatic push 
    • Note: if a clinician has HRM® enabled at multiple locations/practices, each EMR instance will receive a copy of the complete eConsult case details (even if the patient is not a part of one or more sites) 
  • Manual Push: 
    • Clinicians can choose whether they want to receive the eConsult case details in their EMR through HRM® at any time 
      • Once a clinician (or delegate) pushes the manual EMR (HRM®) button in the OTNhub ALL subsequent case-specific updates will be pushed through HRM® to the clinicians EMR. These updates can include case cancellation notifications, additional correspondence between clinician and specialists, and final/completed case notifications 
    • Best Practice: To reduce the amount of notification in the EMR, select the manual export button once the eConsult case is completed 
    • Clinicians who work out of multiple locations and have HRM® enabled at more than one practice location would benefit from the manual push 
What format will completed case reports be sent in?

PDF format 

What is included in the completed case report attachment?
  • Full eConsult case details  
  • Links to any attachments related to the case (including those sent by the specialist)  
    • Clinicians will need to log in to the OTNhub to view/download the attachments 
Can delegates support this new functionality?
  • If a clinician is registered/set up with the HRM® functionality, delegates will be able to push manual updates to the EMR for the clinician to manage (according to their EMR – HRM workflow)
  • Delegates may also complete a case, on behalf of a clinician, to trigger the push of the automatic response to the EMR for the clinician to manage (according to their EMR – HRM workflow) 
  • Delegates will NOT be able to change the settings for the automatic push feature (on/off for the clinician)