The Southeastern Ontario Medical Organization (SEAMO) is an association whose members are: the Clinical Teachers' Association of Queen's University, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Providence Care and Queen's University.

SEAMO was created to establish policies that enable the delivery of clinical service, health professional education, health related research, and medical leadership related to the Alternative Funding Plan Agreement (AFP) between the members of SEAMO, the Ministries of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ontario Medical Association.

In 2014, as SEAMO approached its 20th anniversary, a number of opportunities for growth emerged. From the changing landscape of health care, a consultation of key stakeholders on the future direction of SEAMO was undertaken and a three-year Strategic Plan was created.

SEAMO fosters excellence in medical research, education and patient care.

A timeline of events in SEAMO’s history.

SEAMO was founded in 1994 and is made up of four unique signatories.

SEAMO funds 13 clinical departments and over 300 physicians in 30 specialties.

SEAMO is guided by a 16-member Governing Committee that is led by an independent Chair.

The Management Team oversees day-to-day operations for SEAMO.