The Specialist Utilization Reports were sent out in September 2023 to all participating eConsult specialists.

The success of digital health initiatives like eConsult in the Southeast region would not be possible without the stellar work of the following nurse practitioners and physicians.

Sending eConsults has never been easier in the Southeast region thanks to SEAMO’s virtual clerk pilot project. In its initial stages in February 2022, this project launched with seven primary care providers (PCPs) from across the region and one clerk to triage eConsults to specialists in Ontario. The project’s process is the virtual eConsult clerk submits the eConsults and retrieves the response on behalf of the PCPs. Currently, the pilot project has expanded to 28 PCPs and added another clerk in operation.

Since beginning their eConsult service 18 months ago, Dr. Michael Yacob is pleased to say the vascular surgery group is seeing a significant decrease in referrals that normally get bounced back and forth via fax communication.

Going live on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, the South East Substance Treatment and Rehabilitation (STAR) Team is offering eConsult follow up care to primary care physicians who follow patients seen by the STAR team on discharge to the community.

eConsults may now be submitted to the South East Psychiatry Adult Mental Health and Addiction specialist group led by Drs. Taras Reshetukha and Nazanin Alavi.

Learn what's going on with eReferral!

The Southeast region eReferral team have engaged in a number of initiatives to ensure your experience is a positive one.

SEAMO is excited to announce the introduction of a new eConsult pathways group in Gastroenterology accepting eConsults now!

eConsults can now be sent to a brand new self-managed heart failure group in the Southeast region with questions being answered by Drs. Aws Almufleh, the physician lead of the Heart Function Clinic, and Dr. Hoshiar Abdollah, a senior physician and educator.