Objective (What) Desired outcomes in 5 years Lead (Who) First steps (bold = first year)
Achieve common understanding of SEAMO

Members have clarity regarding roles of the executive team, administrative team, governance structure

Understand who the members are

Members understand the AFP agreement and mission/mandate of SEAMO

Understand benefits of membership

Executive Director

Develop video and enhanced welcome package for new members

Build relationships with members through new outreach initiatives including regularly-scheduled information drop-in sessions, monthly social events with SEAMO leadership, and SEAMO executive attendance at Department meetings

SEAMO committees are representative of the broader membership Departments and equity-deserving groups are represented and supported to provide meaningful input across all committees Nominations and Governance Development Committee (NGDC) Chair

Develop plan to identify, prioritize, measure and evaluate Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigenization and Accessibility (EDIIA) metrics in alignment with signatories

Bring plan to Governors for approval and ensure it includes elements of inclusion beyond EDIIA relevant to SEAMO (e.g. Departmental representation)

Complete a SEAMO governance review

Strong oversight of strategy, policy and fiduciary matters

Committee decision making is effective and timely

Composition of each committee reflects diverse membership

NGDC Chair

Explore best practices in governance

NGDC reports back to Governors with appropriateness of committee structures and foci