Thriving and engaged membership

SEAMO recognizes the importance of providing transparent and accessible resources to its members, empowering them to contribute to the medical advancements in our region. SEAMO will develop a refreshed website, designed to streamline the process for physicians seeking information about how SEAMO supports its members and what opportunities are available within the organization. Additionally, SEAMO will evaluate its current organizational and governance structures to ensure that we are well positioned to be an effective, inclusive, and forward-thinking health system partner.

two physicians having a conversation in a hallway


  • Achieve common understanding of SEAMO
  • SEAMO committees are representative of the broader membership
  • Complete a SEAMO governance review

Progress to date

  • SEAMO is creating a leadership development program to cultivate key attributes in our current and future leaders.
  • We are undergoing a governance review to ensure the corporate structure of our organization meeds the needs of our members and current healthcare system.
  • We created a new website and enhanced resources to increase awareness of SEAMO and invite members to engage fully with us.
  • SEAMO Executive is attending Departmental meetings to engage directly with SEAMO membership.
  • We are launching a new clinical skill building fund.