What is the vision for SEAMO's future?

It is an exciting time to be a SEAMO member as the organization continues to transform healthcare in the Southeast region and beyond. In collaboration with our partners and members, we foster a thriving medical community and deliver major advancements in healthcare for everyone in our region. The future of SEAMO is bright as our six-part Strategic Plan guides the organization towards cutting edge healthcare discoveries. SEAMO will continue to be a leader in research, education and clinical practice that inspires other healthcare providers provincially and nationally. Take a read through the implementation plans for each of our strategic priorities. 

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SEAMO is a dynamic driver of innovative clinical care, education, research, and physician development that advances health and health outcomes. In the six priorities of the Strategic Plan 2022-2027, SEAMO will focus on:

  1. Nurturing a thriving and engaged membership
  2. Strengthening regional partnerships
  3. Increasing dynamic education and scholarship
  4. Enhancing research and innovation
  5. Pursuing opportunities with collaborative care teams
  6. Crafting an environment for value-based healthcare
SEAMO 2022-2027 Strategic Plan