Strategic Plan

September 2021

Governing Committee meeting

Governors endorse strategic priorities for SEAMO

November 2021

SEAMO Retreat

Key stakeholders discuss strategic priorities

December 2021

SPRC meeting

SPRC members approve implementation plan


Strat Plan Town Hall

SEAMO membership invited to provide feedback on Strat Plan

March 2022

SPRC meeting

SPRC members finalize implementation plan with feedback from members

April 2022

Governing Committee meeting

Governors approve implementation plan

Check out our six Strategic Priorities below!

We welcome your thoughts on these priorities. Please take less than 5 minutes to fill out this survey with your feedback.

Thriving and engaged membership

Thriving and engaged membership

Engage SEAMO members in shared purpose and opportunities for growth.

  • Members have clarity regarding roles of the Executive Team, Administrative Team, Governance Structure
  • Understanding of who the members are
  • Understanding of the AFP agreement
  • Understand benefits of membership
  • Departments and equity deserving groups are represented across all committees
  • Increased presence of SEAMO members (across all departments) not in leadership roles represented in committees and working groups
  • Strong oversight of Strategy, Policy and Fiduciary Matters
  • Committee decision-making is effective and timely
  • Composition of each committee reflects actively engaged and diverse membership
Thriving and engaged membership
Strengthen regional partnerships

Strengthened regional partnerships

Partner to improve regional health through system leadership, knowledge translation and integrated and coordinated access to care.

  • Health care partners across the region have a better understanding of SEAMO and opportunities for coordination are leveraged
  • Productive relationships with existing partners (eg: BGH, CSC, etc)
  • New partnerships are developed within and outside the region (WAHA, Lakeridge, Peterborough, QHC, LLG, PEC, DND)
  • Regional barriers are understood and mutual problem-solving is prioritized
  • Active membership and co-creation with OHT’s
Strengthen regional partnerships
Collaborative care teams

Collaborative care teams

Expand team-based/cross-disciplinary care, education and research for improved health outcomes and meaningful interprofessional learning.

  • Capacity and structures for SEAMO physicians to support teams and interprofessional care on an ongoing basis
  • Pilot projects that explore and demonstrate the value of Collaborative Care Teams
  • Early learnings from the pilot projects can be applied to developing new programming
  • Leverage other models of care currently in place (eg: Nursing and Rehab Schools)
  • DFM is a full partner in SEAMO
Collaborative care teams
Value-based healthcare

Value-based healthcare

Evolve how we design models of care and evaluate our performance based upon health outcomes.

  • Common understanding of “value-based care,” created in conjunction with hospitals that is grounded in a quintuple aim (equity, clinical outcomes, system impact, population health and provider wellbeing)
  • Pilot projects that explore and demonstrate the value of value-based care
  • Early learnings from the pilot projects that can be applied to developing new and different metrics for SEAMO
Value based healthcare
Enhanced research and innovation

Enhanced research and innovation

Develop research and innovation projects that drive improved health outcomes.

  • Investments in research are aligned with QHS
  • More clinician scientists
  • CRFP is financially stable
  • Fellowships are financially viable
  • Opportunities to support promising researchers early in their career (eg: residents)
  • SEAMO is a champion of interdisciplinary research
Enhanced research and innovation

Dynamic education and scholarship

Advance transformative education and educators, building upon our foundation of excellence.

  • Targeted funding opportunities for clinical skill-building in designated areas of need
  • Creation of CSFP (Clinician-Scholar Fellowship Program)
  • Opportunities to support promising educators early in their career (eg: residents)
  • SEAMO is champion of interprofessional education
Dynamic education and scholarship