Financial Management, Transparency, and Accountability

SEAMO should continue to focus on strong financial management, enhanced transparency and enriched accountability.

For the last several years, SEAMO has focused on the development and implementation of an Accountability Framework.

Moving forward, the goal is to refine and enhance accountability metrics, develop a centre-wide physician resource plan and strengthen departmental practice plans through the development of standardized templates.

Additionally, the Resources Committee will lead a review of the current physician compensation framework.

These activities will be carried out by SEAMO sub-committees with the involvement of the hospitals and the clinical departments of SEAMO.

Activity Implementation Responsible Time Cost Target

Enhance Accountability Metrics

  • Identify additional clinical metrics
  • Review and refine PGME metrics
  • Augment quality management metrics
  • Review and refine research metrics
  • Monitor and report on UGME metrics
Deliverables Committee Year 1-2 Non-financial New metrics established

Re-evaluate Physician Compensation Framework

  • Explore alternative methods of benchmarking physician compensation
  • Conduct SWOT analysis
  • Develop options paper
Resources Committee Year 1-3 Non-financial Options paper tabled

Develop Centre-wide Resources Plan

  • Conduct a census of existing resources
  • Work with hospitals to determine their needs and priorities
  • Assist departments in developing short and long-term recruitment plans
  • Identify recruitment priorities
Departments Hospital SPRC Year 1-2 Non-financial Centre-wide resources plan reviewed / approved

Introduce standardized Practice Plan template

  • Develop Practice Plan template
  • Engage departments in developing new practice plans and/or refining existing plans
Deliverables Committee Year 1-2 Non-financial

Revised practice plans reviewed / approved