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Division Chairs and/or Department Heads may now apply for the SEAMO Clinical Research Fellowship (CRFP) competition.

The CRFP supports the establishment of new clinical research fellow positions by providing compensation funding to departments. CRFP awardees must devote at least 80% of their time to research and must be supervised, or co-supervised, by a SEAMO physician. 

Awards are for one year and are renewable once. The value of an award is $50K per annum and a Department may, at its discretion, supplement the awards.  

The Clinician Scientist Program Committee (CSPC), an advisory sub-committee of the SEAMO Strategic Priorities and Recruitment Committee (SPRC), will manage the CRFP application and review process and make recommendations to the SPRC regarding candidate funding. Departments make applications for awards on behalf of candidates who they have identified.

To apply for the CRFP, please, fill out this application form. View a copy of the terms of reference for this award.