screenshot of SEAMO website

From the Kingstonist:

The Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization (SEAMO) has announced the successful completion of its first year in accomplishing the core objectives outlined in its Strategic Plan. As a leading healthcare organization supporting over 450 physicians in the Southeast region, SEAMO has made remarkable progress in enabling a thriving medical community.

SEAMO is an association whose members are the Clinical Teachers’ Association of Queen’s University, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Providence Care and Queen’s University, who “foster a thriving medical community and deliver major advancements in healthcare for everyone in our region,” according to a release from the organization.

As previously reported, SEAMO was created to establish policies that enable the delivery of clinical service, health professional education, health-related research and medical leadership related to the Alternative Funding Plan Agreement (AFP) between the members of SEAMO, the Ministry of Health and the Ontario Medical Association.

According to the release, one of the key highlights of SEAMO’s achievements this year is its unwavering commitment to investing significant financial resources in developing new fellowship opportunities and leadership development programs. SEAMO expects to be able to recruit 10 new fellowship-trained specialists to Kingston through the fellowship investment.

The organization stated that nurturing the talents of medical professionals helps drive excellence in education, research, and clinical services. This investment in human capital ensures that the Southeast region remains at the forefront of medical innovation, attracting the best and brightest minds to our community, according to SEAMO.

In addition to its dedication to professional growth, SEAMO will also unveil a refreshed website, designed to streamline the process for physicians seeking information about available opportunities within the organization. According to the release, the new website will offer a user-friendly interface, enabling physicians to easily access information regarding available programs and services. 

“The first year of SEAMO’s new Strategic Plan has been a resounding success, as we have achieved significant milestones in realizing our objectives,” said Dr. Jane Philpott, CEO of SEAMO, a former federal Minister of Health who is also the current Dean of the Queen’s University School of Medicine. “We are proud of our commitment to investing in the development of medical professionals and fostering a thriving medical community.”

As SEAMO concludes the year, it looks forward to continued collaboration with its partners and members to nurture medical excellence and improve the wellbeing of individuals across Southeastern Ontario.