Delay of payment for temporary Virtual Care K Codes

Physicians will be compensated for the virtual care provided.  However, payment may be delayed depending on the technology used.

If physicians are using the OTNhub to connect with patients virtually, claims can continue to be submitted to OHIP for payment.  It is business as usual.

If physicians are using other platforms (i.e. REACTS) to connect with patients virtually, payment will be delayed because OHIP is experiencing technical difficulties processing the new virtual care K Codes that took effect March 14, 2020. Physicians will be paid for the virtual care provided but payment will be delayed.

Important:  physicians should continue submitting K Code claims to their billing agents as the data can be entered into the CabMD billing system and ‘saved’.  Once the OHIP issue is resolved, billing agents can immediately submit the saved K Codes claims for payment. 

Visit the SEAMO eVisit page on our website for additional information, including sample billing sheets.  Details regarding the new K Codes can be found in INFOBulletin 4745.  Your billing agent is here to help and the SEAMO Digital Health Support Team can assist with onboarding.

Thank you for building virtual care into your clinical practice!