Focusing on Wellness

In December 2018, SEAMO, the Faculty of Health Sciences, Kingston Health Sciences and Providence Care Hospital established a committee dedicated to advancing the overall culture and wellbeing of physicians in our community.  This committee was established as a result of the Queen’s School of Medicine Strategic Plan and the 2018 SEAMO Strategic Planning Retreat, which recognized the need to promote a culture of wellness for our physicians. 

The Physician Wellness Advisory Committee is tasked with finding approaches to managing and supporting physician wellness and promoting healthy work-life integration.  The Committee is tasked with:  

  • Providing guidance to SEAMO, the Faculty of Health Sciences & the Hospitals for practical opportunities to enhance physician wellbeing and prevent burnout 
  • Developing a yearly work plan with objectives, deliverables and accountabilities
  • Providing leaders with the knowledge and skills to identify physicians at risk, encourage well-being and professional fulfillment in their members
  • Creating a supportive and safe environment as well as identifying barriers to a physician healthy workplace
  • Promoting physician self-care and wellness
  • Identifying and providing resources that are available (internally and externally) for physicians

The Physician Wellness Advisory Committee has representation from SEAMO, the Faculty of Health Sciences, Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Providence Care that includes both physicians and staff.

Want to learn more?  Reach out to a committee member:

If your department is not represented above and you wish to join this committee, please contact your Department Head.