Introducing the newest members of our SEAMO committees

SEAMO is pleased to welcome five new members of three different standing Committees this year. Get toComposite photo of physicians know why each physician decided to get involved:

Dr. Jeannie Callum, Department of Pathology, on joining the Nominations & Governance Development Committee: “I volunteered to join the SEAMO Nominations Committee to assist SEAMO with ensuring the region integrates the power of the laboratory infrastructure and data in its efforts to improve the safe delivery of healthcare, facilitating high-quality research, and aiding SEAMO in becoming a leader in healthcare innovation. I come with extensive experience of optimizing healthcare through quality improvement and clinical trial research.” 

Dr. Andrea Guerin, Department of Pediatrics, on joining the Nominations & Governance Development Committee: “I joined the committee for two reasons: the first was because I wanted to better understand SEAMO and how it works; the second was to give back to both my Department (Pediatrics) and SEAMO as they have supported me in my career goals.”

Dr. Alenia Kysela, Department of Family Medicine, on joining the Nominations & Governance Development Committee: “Joining the SEAMO Nominations Committee is a good way to continue to be an active member of our academic medical community and it provides me with a unique opportunity to build relationships with physician colleagues across disciplines.  I am grateful to be a member of the committee, and I look forward to working together to build upon the foundations of SEAMO, and to support the innovative clinical and academic work in our region.”

Dr. Lysa Boissé Lomax, Department of Medicine, Divisions of Neurology and Respirology, on joining the Resources Committee: “I wanted to join the SEAMO Resources Committee to have the opportunity to have a voice in how resources are allocated within SEAMO.”

Dr. Laura Marcotte, Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, on joining the Accountability Committee: “I joined the SEAMO Accountability Committee because I think a lot of very important behind-the-scenes work goes on there which impacts all of us who are working, teaching and learning at Queen’s. I am excited to begin work with my colleagues on the committee. In particular, as the new Education Lead on the committee, I look forward to bringing my experience in postgraduate medical education as a former Program Director and current Accreditation Lead, in working to develop meaningful measures of accountability in postgraduate medical education.”