June Wellness Corner: wellness in the Department of Family Medicine

The Department of Family Medicine has embarked on a new initiative to promote resiliency byphysician wellness banner supporting our faculty to pursue executive coaching. In partnership with the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders, faculty members have been able to connect with a coach - many of whom are also physicians - to help them work on their individual personal and professional objectives. In order to accomplish our collective goals as an academic Department, we must build on our individual strengths. Truly we are strongest when we come together, and we have invested in coaching as a means to solidify our whole, by promoting individual growth and reflection. 

As a Department we are committed not only to the health and wellness of our residents and faculty, but of our staff as well. We have a Wellness at Work committee, WOW, and they have been working hard all year to plan and execute largely virtual events to engage and connect people across the department. They have had a plant exchange, virtual trivia nights, and holiday week events to name a few. 

During these challenging times, Family Medicine has been on a different front line, we have not only been engaging in prevention and screening, chronic disease management, and vaccine roll out, but have been addressing the significant mental health issues facing individuals and families as a consequence of the pandemic. The media has spotlighted the tremendous stress that is being experienced by the population at large, and family physicians have been at the forefront of helping individuals manage their distress and their illnesses. 

Connecting with one another and connecting with ourselves has been the focus of our wellness agenda for this year. We are proud of the work we have been doing to stay connected both formally and informally. We are looking forward to the coming months when we hope to be able to resume some in person activities and can celebrate all that we have accomplished individually and collectively throughout the course of the pandemic. 

-    Dr. Alenia Kysela, Family Medicine