Meet our new Project Coordinator Chloe Robinson

Chloe Robinson joins the SEAMO admin team as the new Project Coordinator this fall. Her portfolio will include management of funding opportunities and recruitment. SheHeadshot of Chloe Robinson has an undergraduate degree from Western University with a major in English Literature and a minor in Family and Development Studies. She completed her Master of Public Administration at Queen’s. Chloe’s background also includes work with the public, private and non-profit sectors. She has worked in areas of diversity, equity and inclusion and student and alumni relations. During the summer, she also finished a co-op placement with the Ministry of Health.  

“That’s what drew me to this role – I enjoy policy and programing, and I am passionate about the healthcare sector,” she says. Bringing together her interests in healthcare and education is why Chloe believes she will excel in her role with SEAMO. “One of my main strengths is stakeholder negotiation and I loved my time at Queen’s and being able to work for an organization that is funded by the Ministry of Health combines the things I love best.”

Learning about medical education and innovation in the current landscape of healthcare is what Chloe is looking forward to the most in her new role at SEAMO. “The main goal is to grow and learn more about stakeholder engagement and work with physicians on the front lines and put what I’ve learned into practice.”