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The AHSC AFP Innovation Fund competition provides funding to support innovative projects that willhand holding lightbulb transform healthcare delivery in Ontario. This year, we are thrilled to announce the 10 successful grant applicants from seven different Departments. Learn more about their projects below and stay tuned for interviews with the winners coming soon!

Dr. Susan Bartels – Emergency Medicine: “Emergency Department care of equity-deserving patients: a cross-sectional, mixed-methods study of patient and provider perspectives”

Dr. David Clinkard – Anesthesiology: “The role of peripheral neuroinflammation and impact of knee sensory denervation on post-operative knee replacement outcomes in painful osteoarthritis”

Dr. Glykeria Martou – Surgery (Plastic Surgery): “The Breast Cancer Reconstruction Outcome Survey (ROSE): measuring the impact of breast reconstruction on health-related quality of life in breast cancer patients and improving breast cancer care”

Dr. Jean Mathews – Medicine (Palliative Care): “Implementation of a compassionate community innovation in Kingston: the Kingston Cares (KINCARES) study”

Dr. Akihiro Nakamura – Medicine (Rheumatology): “Hypoxia-primed pathogenic neutrophils as potential novel therapeutic targets in spodyloarthritis”

Dr. James Purzner – Surgery (Neurosurgery): “Identifying sources of glioblastoma recurrence in patients through cellular and molecular mapping of the tumour cavity”

Dr. Teresa Purzner – Surgery (Neurosurgery): “The impact of a multidisciplinary brain tumor program on access and equity of care: a prospective trial”

Dr. Jacob Rullo – Ophthalmology: “Why people still go blind from glaucoma in the year 2022: targeting local mitochondrial metabolism in the retinal ganglion cell to treat diseases of the optic nerve”

Dr. Dawa Samdup – Pediatrics: “Co-designing a better patient experience when children with autism spectrum disorder attend outpatient testing clinics”

Dr. Stephanie Sibley – Critical Care Medicine: “Use of magnesium prophylaxis for the prevention of atrial fibrillation in critically ill patients: a pilot study”