The Southeast Regional eConsult team wishes to announce a new Southeast BASE group for questions regarding thrombosis. Dr. Kerstin de Wit will lead the eConsults forphysician using a computer this group, along with Dr. Annette Hay. 

Dr. de Wit says a group specializing in treating thrombosis patients is necessary because venous thrombosis is a common diagnosis. “As our medical expertise and technology advances, the incidence of venous thrombosis increases,” she says. “Treatment of pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, superficial vein thrombosis, splanchnic vein thrombosis and sinus venous thrombosis can be nuanced because of the balance between bleeding and clotting. Not all patients fit easily into guidelines.” 

Dr. de Wit says she and her colleagues are growing the thrombosis service in Kingston. “We would like to standardize thrombosis care across our region.” 

Here are six example questions about thrombosis patients Dr. de Wit says can be answered using eConsult:

  1. Which anticoagulant should be chosen when the patient has certain anticoagulant contraindications or bleeding risks?
  2. What should I do with antiplatelet medication when starting an anticoagulant?
  3. How should I manage superficial vein thrombosis?
  4. How should I prevent pregnancy-associated venous thrombosis when the patient has a history of venous thromboembolism?
  5. How should I re-introduce anticoagulation after a bleed?
  6. Should my patient be tested for thrombophilia?

To send an eConsult to this group:

1.    Login to eConsult

2.    Launch eConsult

3.    Request eConsult

4.    Select BASE Manage Specialty

5.    Ensure your Region is set to ‘South East’

6.    In the Specialty dropdown list select ‘Thrombosis’

7.    Type in the particulars of the patient, the request, and select ‘Send’