Primary care providers aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of the Ontario eConsult Program. Specialists can send eConsults, too.


Using the “Request Consult” button on the top left of the eConsult main page, specialists can send non-urgent, patient-specific, clinical questions to physicians across Ontario. There are currently 882 specialists answering consults in 89 specialties and sub-specialties.


The program puts timely advice at your fingertips, by connecting both regional colleagues (i.e. Belleville pediatricians and Kingston child and adolescent psychiatrists), as well as provincial ones (cardiologists and experts in Inherited Heart Rhythm Disorders).


If there is a specialty, sub-specialty, or physician not available on eConsult that you’d like to connect with, please let us know. We are always seeking new participants and do our best to fill in any gaps in service.


Female Physician on computer