male physician looking at a tablet

As physicians, we are becoming increasingly reliant on IT infrastructure to deliver patient care, and when the infrastructure is unable to meet our needs, our efficiency is drastically reduced. This adds to our workload which can negatively impact our wellness. 

The IT departments at both hospitals are listening to our feedback and working to address these issues.  At KHSC, there is now a ‘staff portal’ on the Guest Wifi that allows an unlimited number of users, download speeds of 10Mbps, automatically connects at both sites and won’t disconnect you unless you have 90 days of inactivity. Instructions for connection can be found at: Knowledge Base (All Users) - How-to: Guest WiFi onboarding for Staff ( Please note that the workaround for iPhones (found in the instructions) only has to be done once and will then automatically connect. 

The IT department has also done a review of many of our patient care areas ensuring that all computers are kiosk-type and connected to printers. Furthermore, they have increased the time interval for requiring multi-factor authentication on our email from three days to 14 days. 

At Providence Care, the organization is engaging in several infrastructure investments including a migration to Microsoft 365 and the implementation of Virtual Desktops ("VDI").  With the VDI project, users can access a secure Providence Care desktop over the internet from any device allowing them secure access to their Providence Care resources from a machine of their choosing.  More information will be shared as both projects continue to roll out.

The Physician Wellness Advisory Committee is reaching out to leadership at all levels to engage in discussions and advocate for initiatives that can improve our wellbeing. Email us any feedback, suggestions or concerns.