female physician using a microscope

Today and every day, we appreciate the indelible mark our female SEAMO-funded physicians have left onHeadshots of SEAMO female leaders the world of healthcare. We thank our female physicians for their time, commitment and dedication to delivering outstanding patient care and transforming medicine regionally, provincially, nationally and beyond. 

We want to take this opportunity to recognize our female SEAMO leaders who sit on each of our committees. In March 2019, the SEAMO Governing Committee adopted the following statement:

The SEAMO Governing Committee will promote the participation of a diversity of individuals with varied skills and experiences. The Board will administer a nomination process that encourages a diversity of candidates, including equity-deserving groups. A more inclusive Governing Committee and supporting committees will enrich partnerships, enhance accountability, and improve SEAMO’s reputation.

At the June 2021 Governing Committee meeting, a presentation from the Nominations & Governance Development Committee highlighted the lack of diversity on SEAMO standing committees.

For the 2021-22 year, SEAMO management made an effort to increase committee recruitment efforts in the hopes of improving diversity. They spoke with Department Heads, CTAQ, the Staffing office and other leaders, including the Women in Medicine Table at Queen’s University, to go about increasing a diverse representation on SEAMO standing committees.

As of March 2023, SEAMO committees are up to 41 per cent female representation.

Please see a list of the membership of our SEAMO committees below:

Governing Committee Executive Committee Accountability Committee Nominations & Governance Development Committee Resources & Audit Committee Strategic Priorities & Recruitment Committee
Chair: Mr. John Sheridan Chair: Mr. John Sheridan Chair: Dr. Diane Lougheed Chair: Ms. Susan Fitzpatrick Chair: Dr. Tarit Saha Chair: Dr. Jane Philpott
Vice-Chair: Ms. Susan Fitzpatrick Vice-Chair: Ms. Susan Fitzpatrick Dr. John Drover Dr. Jeannie Callum Dr. Ramiro Arellano Dr. Ryan Bicknell
Dr. Stephen Archer Dr. Christine D'Arsigny Ms. Susan Fitzpatrick Dr. Andrea Guerin Dr. Lysa Boissé-Lomax Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick
Dr. Christine D'Arsigny Dr. Diane Lougheed Dr. Laura Marcotte Dr. Paul Heffernan Dr. Olga Bougie Dr. Roumen Milev
Dr. Paul Heffernan Dr. Jane Philpott Dr. Tarit Saha Dr. David Hurlbut Dr. Jason Izard Dr. David Pichora
Dr. Lawrence Hookey Dr. David Pichora Dr. Stephen Scott Dr. Mala Joneja Dr. Diane Lougheed Dr. Tarit Saha
Ms. Donna Janiec Dr. Tarit Saha Dr. Stephen Vanner Dr. Alenia Kysela Dr. David Messenger Dr. Stephen Scott
Dr. David Pichora Ms. Cathy Szabo Dr. Maria Velez Dr. Jane Philpott Dr. Jane Philpott Ms. Cathy Szabo
Dr. Jane Philpott   Dr. Richard van Wylick   Dr. Claudio Soares Dr. Richard van Wylick
Dr. Lynne Postovit       Dr. Sonal Varma  
Dr. David Messenger          
Dr. Tarit Saha          
Ms. Cathy Szabo          
Dr. Sonal Varma          
Dr. Ross Walker