Headshots of Drs. Paul Heffernan on the left, David Holland in the centre, and Janet van Vlymen on the right

The Accountability Committee oversees Departmental accountability in the clinical, research and education domains and advises the Governing Committee regarding strategic metrics and departmental indicators. In the fall of 2023, SEAMO is very excited to welcome Drs. Paul Heffernan, David Holland and Janet van Vlymen to the Accountability Committee. Hear from members Heffernan and van Vlymen below on their new roles:

Dr. Paul Heffernan (Critical Care Medicine): "I would like to express my sincere gratitude and enthusiasm for the opportunity to serve on the SEAMO Accountability Committee. I firmly believe that the work of the Accountability Committee is of the utmost importance. Accountability promotes fairness, transparency and integrity, serving as a solid foundation for building trust in SEAMO as an organization. I am committed to fulfilling my responsibilities diligently, with a keen focus on objectivity and thoroughness."

Dr. Janet van Vlymen (Anesthesiology): “I am excited to join the SEAMO Accountability Committee as a new member. Having just reached my 25-year milestone at Queen’s, I have seen many iterations of accountability over the years. I believe it is essential to have a fair, transparent and balanced approach which recognizes the various roles physicians play in the organization – whether it is clinical, research, education, or administration. I look forward to working with the committee to help attain the goals outlined in SEAMO’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan.”