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On behalf of the Physician Wellness Advisory Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the Mayo Well Being Index (WBI) last month.  Our response rate was better than expected and our data will be available and disseminated this summer. In addition to ensuring that every Department Head has full access to their Department’s anonymized data over the coming months, I will be collating all responses to our process improvement questions into themes for further exploration. As each Department/Division is unique, we are hoping that the data from the WBI data can be used to explore Department/Division-level initiatives that speak to their members. At the same time, we will be prioritizing organization-level issues from the data and suggestions collected. 

Although we will only be collating organization-level data on an annual basis, anyone can sign up and complete the index at any time to find how they compare with colleagues here at Queen’s.

Click on this link for the website or scan this QR code:








Once again, we thank you for your participation and your engagement in physician wellness. We will keep the conversation going and turn it into action.

Have a great summer :)