As emergency docs, we have chosen to work a lot of unsociable hours in a chaotic setting. Perhaps it is because of this reality that well-being and career sustainability has always been front of mind for us. Here are some initiatives that help keep us engaged in our work and connected to one another. 

  • Awesome & Amazing Rounds: paired with M&M rounds, cases celebrating successes are presented, with a view to also learn from excellence 
  • TMTL: There’s More to Life (than medicine)- an annual half day event where all staff and residents are invited to talk about something in their lives other than medicine. Topics range from how to restore a violin to the joys of growing venus fly traps to the best hiking in Banff…
  • Start of shift huddle to connect and plan for the shift; “How are you today?” check in

This program is definitely a work in progress: some initiatives have had broad uptake and some have fallen flat. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that we are better together, even when times are hard. And if you are coming to see consults in the ED anytime soon, let us know how you are doing. – scale below

Louise Rang MD FRCPC (currently, a yellowy-green)

Professional Sustainability and Wellness Lead for the Department of Emergency Medicine

wellness graphic