Palliative Care

Three physicians have joined the Ontario eConsult Program to provide advice for patients with life-threatening illnesses who have complex palliative care needs. 

Drs. Leonie Herx, Craig Goldie and Danielle Kain are now available to answer your questions about adult and pediatric palliative medicine. The trio offers guidance and recommendations for the following:

  • Patients experiencing complex symptoms (i.e. pain, delirium, nausea, dyspnea, or complex psychosocial, emotional or spiritual distress) related to life-threatening illness at any point in their illness trajectory
  • Patients and/or their families who require support and education about how an illness may progress, and care options available at the end of life
  • Support to physicians around advanced care planning, goals of care discussions, and decision-making around withholding or withdrawing medical treatments

For more information, visit the Palliative Medicine program's webpage