We are very proud of how our physicians have embraced a new online platform (Reacts) to provide virtual care. Prior to COVID-19  a small group of physicians were using OTN to provide virtual care. However, with so many physicians pivoting to virtual care as a result of the pandemic, a new platform was required to support to load. SEAMO and Kingston Health Sciences Centre have been working together to implement this new tool. 

Many of our specialists have jumped on board and we have the numbers to prove it. 

Number of React eVisits by department (April 2020)

Department  Number of eVisits
Anesthesiology  15
Medicine 292
Ophthalmology 58
Pathology & Molecular Medicine 13
Pediatrics 61
PM&R 110
Psychiatry 252
Surgery 3

Top Reacts users by department (April 2020):

Department  Name  Number of eVisits 
Anesthesiology Emidio Tarulli 1
Medicine Ramana Appireddy 47
OBGYN Marie-Andree Harvey 5
Opthalmology Martin ten Hove 43
Pathology Christopher Davidson 13
Pediatrics  Sarah McKnight 24
PM&R Dave Ruggles 46
Psychiatry Jamey Adirim 37
Surgery Sunil Patel 2

If you haven't activated your account yet, or need assistance introducing virtual care into your practice, please contact our SEAMO Digital Health Support Team. You can also learn more about Reacts on the Kingston Health Sciences Centre website.