Redirecting consults outside your area of expertise

If you receive an eConsult question that is appropriate for your specialty, but isn’t within your area of expertise, you can recommend it be answered by another specialist also participating in the Ontario eConsult Service. 

To do this

  • Click on the “Return Consult” button
  • Select “Other” as your reason for returning the consult
  • Use the comments box to indicate there is another specialist with expertise in the area of the query, name the specialist, and suggest the clinician direct their query to that physician. 

To confirm a specialist is participating in the Ontario eConsult Service:

  • Navigate to the eConsult Directory tab (top left of page)
  • Under the “Specialists” section, select “eConsult Advice” as the service offered
  • Enter the name of the specialist
  • Click search

The specialist you suggest can be a colleague from the South East region or from elsewhere in the province. If you have any questions, or require further information, contact the Ontario eConsult Centre of Excellence.