physician with patients at a table looking at a tablet

The Southeast region eReferral team have engaged in a number of initiatives to ensure your experience is a positive one.
Patient email poster: We are happy to announce that we have created a poster for your reception area that explains to patients the benefits of providing their email addresses as it keeps them informed on the status of their eReferral. This will significantly reduce the number of calls to your office from patients asking for updates and the number of calls you make to receivers to obtain updates. 
eFax annotation: Some Primary Care Physicians have noted that they can find it frustrating to have to click on the “Refer” button in their EMR Ocean toolbar to go to the Ocean Healthmap and check their site favorites to see if that receiver is accepting eReferral or not. As a solution, we’ve been providing instructions to clinics on how to rename their eFax templates to include an ‘eReferral available’ annotation in the title. 
PCP feedback on form development: Some PCPs have also raised concerns that some of the eForms are cumbersome when compared with eFax and that the inclusion of PCP feedback in the form build process would be a good way to improve that. As such, we are offering the opportunity for PCPs to be included in the form build process for select receivers. 
eBlast: We are connecting with clinic staff to ensure that we have the most up to date contacts for our eBlasts which identify new receivers in the Healthmap and make it easier for admins to ensure your clinic’s favourites list is up to date. 
Learn more about the other benefits that eReferral provides:

  • Filling out mandatory fields ensures specialists get the information they need, so they are not phoning to ask for it
  • You get automatic notifications when the status of the eReferral changes, and if you have an integrated EMR, the updates go right into the patient record
  • eReferral messaging between primary care and the specialist is more efficient than phone calls or faxing
  • Your patient can get an automatic reminder just before the appointment, which also includes the patient instructions, helping to eliminate no-shows, people showing up late, or not coming prepared

For information about any of these initiatives, please email