Congratulations to the 2018-2019 SEAMO Innovation Fund award winners!  These 9 unique projects aim to transform healthcare delivery in Ontario in several domains.

  • Dr. Imaan Bayoumi - “Targeting Child Mental Health and Household Poverty: Impact of a Poverty Intervention in Primary Care on Preschool Children’s Emotional and Behavioural Health”

  • Dr. Lawrence Hookey - “Is Needle Knife Fistulotomy an Effective First Step Strategy for All ERCPs?

  • Dr. Amer Johri - “Canada’s First Centre of Excellence for the Cardiovascular Screening and Care of the Athlete Program

  • Dr.  Faiza Khurshid - “A Novel, Comprehensive Approach for Predicting Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia”

  • Dr. Glenio Mizubuti - “Can Dobutamine and Goal-Directed Fluid Therapy Improve Tissue Oxygenation in Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) Flap Breast Reconstruction Surgery? A Randomized Controlled Trial

  • Dr. Alberto Neder - “Improving Neuromuscular Fatigue with Supplemental Oxygen to Enhance Exercise Tolerance in Pulmonary Fibrosis: a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial”

  • Dr. David Reed - “Metabolomics: Moving Beyond Symptoms to Phenotype Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  • Dr. Neil Renwick - “Preparing MicroRNA Profiling and Analysis for Use in Cancer Clinical Trial Research

  • Dr. Claudio Soares - “Applying Digital Phenotyping to Treatment Management and Relapse Prevention in Depression

The Innovation Fund was created by the 2008 Alternative Funding Plan (AFP) Agreement between the academic physicians, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC). It provides short-term seed funding to support innovative projects and to enable academic physicians to develop programs sufficiently to qualify for additional support and evaluate novel strategies to transform health care delivery in Ontario.

This year SEAMO received 35 applications totalling $2.9 million in funding requests.  SEAMO receives $650 thousand annually to support these applications and assist the winning projects in jump starting their research.

Want to learn more about the SEAMO Innovation Fund? Check out our website for additional information, important dates and to download the proposal form.