Digital Health Week: Spotlight on top tips for using the eConsult Program

Want to know when to use the eConsult Program? Here are a few tips that can help primary Doctor typing on a laptopcare providers in deciding what types of issues eConsult can handle:

  • When you’re not sure if your patient needs to be seen by a specialist;
  • When you would like advice on your patient soon and do not want to wait for a scheduled appointment;
  • When your patient has issues that prevent them from easily getting to see a specialist;
  • When your patient lives some distance from the nearest available specialist.

Here are a few more ideas for why to use the eConsult program:

  • You can have the expert advice of the Specialist to determine next steps and if your patient needs to be seen;
  • You have timely access to your non-urgent questions (average response time two days);
  • You can get high-quality advice on clinical questions (e.g. diagnosis, management, drug treatment);
  • eConsult provides opportunities to enhance learning and allows you to manage your patient care at the family practice level where patient trust is often highest;
  • You can access to over 90 specialties and sub-specialties
  • All patients receive access to quality specialist advice quickly, wherever they live in Ontario