Introducing the Heart Rhythm Service

The Heart Rhythm Service of Kingston has enthusiastically adopted eConsult within the sharedHeadshot of Dr. Damian Redfearn practice model. Dr. Damian Redfearn, Lead Physician of the Heart Rhythm Service comments: “eConsult provides fast and efficient access to a busy clinical service. Rather than having patients wait three-four months to be seen within a traditional clinic model, we can answer questions within two days on common arrhythmia issues.”

Along with Dr. Redfearn, the Heart Rhythm Service is comprised of:

Dr. Hoshiar Abdollah
Dr. Adrian Baranchuk
Dr. Sanoj Chacko
Dr. Andres Enriquez
Dr. Simon Hansom
Dr. Chris Simpson

“Our primary goal is to assist cardiology in the management of individuals with complex cardiac rhythm disorders. This largely includes interventional strategies such as catheter ablation and permanent pacemaker insertion to assist when medical therapy fails,” explains Dr. Redfearn, “However, we often advise on common issues that affect patients with cardiac arrhythmia and the eConsult service allows a direct communication for expert advice.”