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The volume of eReferrals being sent in the Southeast keeps rising - from April 1 to August 31, 2022, there have been 18,725 eReferrals sent! eReferral is helping to make theeServices logo lives of patients and physicians easier every day!

Want to learn how to make eReferral work for you?

Some of you shared that eFaxing is easier, we listened and recommend renaming your eFax to include ‘eReferral available’ so the doctor knows this particular receiver is using eReferral right away. This will save time!

Integrate your eReferral in your EMR, so information on the forms can be largely filled out already.

eReferral also saves time with:

  • less typing
  • fast and easy tracking of referral status
  • notifications to both patients and physicians
  • fewer phone calls for appointment booking
  • reduced appointment no shows

Want to assist with streamlining the eReferral process? We need volunteers for a pilot initiative that allows you to be the first to test any new eForms developed for our specialist and provide a critical review from your perspective as a frontline user! Email to submit your name!

In addition to receiving email notifications from the eReferral team about new receiver clinics, you can follow this link at anytime to get the latest list.

Remember: your eReferral deployment team is here to help. Get in touch at any time for questions or to get started with eReferral!