The Division of Vascular Surgery is excited to answer incoming eConsult requests from primary caredoctor talking to a patient at a table providers. Dr. David Zelt says eConsults will expedite the care of patients in the South East region. “This ensures urgent care needs are seen promptly in the clinic and at the same time, maintains that many patients with less urgent conditions can be saved a long-distance trip to Kingston by providing referring physicians access to vascular expertise.” 

Dr. Zelt confirms there are several benefits to the employment of eConsult in a situation where a vascular surgeon’s opinion may be required. He says, “A large number of patients undergo CT angiograms unnecessarily to access their peripheral vascular disease. This exposes them to the risks of contrast-induced renal failure and radiation. eConsults will better inform the referring physicians when CT angiograms are as equally important, actually not indicated in assessing the peripheral vascular system. Other modes of investigation if needed will be recommended.” 

Questions regarding vascular surgery that can be answered easily and effectively using eConsult include:

  1.  When should a patient with claudication be referred to vascular surgery?
  2.  When should you refer the diabetic foot ulcer?
  3.  When should a CT angiogram be ordered to assess peripheral vascular disease?
  4.  Should a patient with asymptomatic carotid artery disease be referred?
  5.  How urgently should a patient with symptomatic carotid artery be seen?
  6.  Assessment and best referral practices for aneurysmal disease

The names of the participating vascular surgeons include:

-    Dr. David Zelt
-    Dr. Michael Yacob