The eConsult Program is consistently growing in the South East region thanks to theeConsult graph of information participation of physicians like yourself. Check out these statistics for a sampling of what’s going on with eConsults in the region.

South East Region Primary Care Data:

The eConsult Program total in the past 12 months has been 6,112 (as of February 2021).
The per cent of eConsults answered in seven days or less is 94.6
The medical response interval is 1.1 days.
The number of primary care providers actively using eConsult as of February 2021 is 180
South East Region Specialist Data:

The number of specialists actively using eConsult as of February 2021 is 129
The number of registered specialists to the eConsult Program as of February 2021 is 199.
The top specialties receiving eConsults as of February 2021 are:

1.    Dermatology 16%
2.    Hematology 10%
3.    Obstetrics and Gynecology 8%
4.    Neurology 6%
5.    Cardiology 6%

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