SEAMO is pleased to introduce a new Endocrinology pilot project using the eConsult Program. The symbols of endocrinology Division of Endocrinology has been a strong supporter of eConsult since its inception. Division Chair Dr. Robyn Houlden says “eConsult improves patient care through timely access to specialist advice. It often eliminates the need for in-person specialist visits.  It can help ensure patients that need to be seen are better prepared for their specialist visit with completion of recommended laboratory and diagnostic radiology tests.  It can also help referring physicians start patients on appropriate initial therapy while waiting for their specialist appointment.” Dr. Houlden has been such an enthusiastic supporter that she has become a member of the eConsult/eReferral Clinical Advisory Group for the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Members of the Division of Endocrinology participating in the eConsult Program include:

Dr. Robyn Houlden
Dr. Sara Awad
Dr. Robyn Houlden
Dr. Josh Lakoff
Dr. Bikram Sidhu

Endocrinologists participating in the project will suggest to referring physicians two categories of patients that might benefit from eConsult:

The first category is patients that can likely be managed with specialist advice and don’t need to wait to see an endocrinologist.  These patients will benefit from more timelier specialist advice. If you feel your patient could benefit from an eConsult, please send directly to any of the specialists above using your OTN account. Examples of patients in this category would be those with:

·         Abnormal thyroid tests (subclinical hypo- or hyperthyroidism)
·         Thyroid nodules and need for fine needle aspiration biopsy
·         Diabetes with A1C not at target needing advice on selection of antihyperglycemic agents
·         Osteoporosis on need for initiation /adjustment of therapy
The second category is patients that need to be seen, but who would benefit from advice to the referring physician on laboratory and diagnostic radiology investigations that should be completed before the patient is seen.  This will ensure that patients are well prepared for visits and will benefit from comprehensive care at their specialist visit.  Other patients in this category might benefit from advice to the referring physician on initial management while waiting to being seen. 
Examples of patients in this category would be those with:

·         Hyperthyroidism:  advice on initial investigations and management
·         Hypercalcemia/Hyperparathyroidism:  advice on initial investigations and management
·         Pituitary tumours / adrenal incidentalomas:  advice on initial investigations
All referrals to the Division of Endocrinology should be faxed to 613 548 6105 or mailed to the following address. They will be triaged, and if they can become an eConsult, you will be contacted. 

Division of Endocrinology
Watkins 3, Room 4-3-225
Kingston General Hospital
76 Stuart St, Kingston, ON 
K7L 2V7