1.    Distribution of unspent 2019 funding totalling $940Kword highlighted "Budget"

  • $470K for Research
    • This money will support each of the four inaugural SEAMO Endowed Chairs in Research and Innovation
  • $470K for Quality Improvement, Digital Health and Leadership
    • $157K for Digital Health initiatives
    • $157K for Quality Improvement initiatives 
    • $157K for Leadership initiatives

2.    Distribution of unspent Phase Three Academic Funding totalling $600K

  • Each Department will receive a share of the Departmental Development Innovation Fund (DDIF) monies, which is based on their share of SEAMO’s total budget

3.    The base funding adjustment totalling $3.45M 

  • 50% of the funding will be distributed based on MOH methodology
  • 50% of the funding will be distributed to groups below marketplace
  • Funding will be distributed to Departments in July 2021. Please check with your Department Head for additional information.

4.    Investment in physician wellness totalling $150K annually