Right now, eConsults can be submitted to the South East regional Heart Rhythm SpecialistDoctor holding a stethoscope to a patient's heart Service led by Dr. Damian Redfearn. The practice receives around 1600 new patient referrals per year and provides opinion on management of syncope, cardiac arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death from. The group includes interventional and non-interventional electrophysiologists (EPs) providing procedural based care for many arrhythmia patients. In addition, the group supervises the cardiac rhythm device clinic, a primarily nurse led service that cares for patients with implantable cardiac devices. 

Common questions that can be answered using the eConsult service:

•    Should this patient be on oral anticoagulation? 
•    This Holter reading is abnormal, what are the next steps?
•    The ECG was reported as having a long QT, should I stop medication? 
•    My patient had a syncopal spell, when should I be concerned and take action, what are appropriate investigations? 

Situated within the Division of Cardiology at Kingston General Hospital, the Heart Rhythm Service have enthusiastically adopted eConsult within the shared practice model. Dr. Redfearn says: “For example, the eConsult Service can answer questions regarding oral anticoagulation in patients with atrial fibrillation, abnormal ECGs and Holter recordings, and when syncope should be investigated further or is considered benign.  Many of these questions can be rapidly addressed without the need for in person consultation and the wait involved.”

For a refresher on how to submit an eConsult, watch this video. For help accessing your account or getting signed up, get in touch with our SEAMO Digital Health Team