Focusing on Wellness

In December 2018, SEAMO, the Faculty of Health Sciences, Kingston Health Sciences and Providence Care Hospital established a committee dedicated to advancing the overall culture and wellbeing of physicians in our community.  This committee was established as a result of the Queen’s School of Medicine Strategic Plan and the 2018 SEAMO Strategic Planning Retreat, which recognized the need to promote a culture of wellness for our physicians. 

SEAMO Physician Wellness Events

On November 21 and 22 SEAMO hosted two Physician Wellness events with PSI Visiting Scholar Dr. Liselotte Dyrbye. 

Over 100 physicians, residents and medical students attended the Thursday evening Physician Wellness Lecture. The discussion focused on recognizing the signs of burnout, identifying coping strategies and developing resilience amongst physicians. 

The Designing Physician Wellness Workshop held on Friday, November 22nd, was uniquely designed for Hospital Administrators, University Leadership and Clinical Department Heads with a goal to: